How to Create a User Friendly Website Registration Process

You must hear from your friends/clients. I am getting good visiting on my website, But registration process is very low. Because its very tuff process to convert a Visitor into a lead. If we calculate the conversion is 5% ratio ( It can be up/down) of total visitors who want to become your permanent user. At this place, the Signup process come, if we loose our interested user on this stage, then its a very big loss for us.

We’ve analyzed a checklist for creating the user friendly registration process on your website. Main concern for these points is to help our readers not to lose their customers and to make their experience more approachable.

We need to fill this pit with the appropriate solution as follows:

Single Click Registration:

Mostly users have Signup on Social networking website like Linedin, Facebook, Gmail , Twitter etc. They feel easy and secure to do sigup through these channels.

We must allow website users to register and log-in through verified Linkedin id, Facebook Id, Gmail id.

Linkedin authentication (or Facebook sign-in) help visitors to make a fast sign in using Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter as well as through Google account.


Password Visible & Make it Remember:

Normally, On Mobile phones there are different type of keyboards, this creates a chance to write wrong alphabets. To skip this issue we should need to add an option through which the user can see and hide the password whenever required.

After clicking the signup process, give the option to save the password for future use. Users feel comfortable in doing that and feel very much comfortable and happily move for complete process


Forgot password

If we talk about the forgot password recovery option, we have to give a thought on this also, As we are human, we forget passwords of our important things like ATM, Gmail, LinkedIn etc.. and we need to reset the password option easy and fast. So, we need to give passwords reset option on the login screen itself

Grant Access to Dashboard

As users register, they want to see the Dashboard and complete further process. We need to take them on fast speed to their Dashboard.In the user profile, you can show further things such as email confirmation, change password, add profile pic, mobile number etc..

Mobile Friendly:

In this 21st century, 70% of website traffic is directly related to mobile. We can’t ignore this at any cost. Google bot gives website ranking on the behalf of the mobile responsiveness. So, we need to think very seriously on this and need to make our website sign up process easy through mobile phones. We need to take care of our client’s easy process and make convenient for them